WEEK 1: the 2015 project

This is how New Year’s resolutions make me feel:


So this year, I’m calling my resolution a project. Has a nice, artsy, achievable sound to it, right?

This is the project:
In an attempt to breathe a little life into this blog, I’ve committed myself to weekly posts during 2015.

These are the rules:
1.) Post one time each week; the title of each post will begin with “Week 1:”, “Week 2:”, etc.
2.) Each post must include one photograph; the photograph should be relevant to the content.
3.) The length of each post will vary, but should be no longer than 250 words.
4.) See! That’s not so bad, right??


The photo above was taken on Thursday, January 1st, in the garbage-filled lot behind my and Sam’s apartment building. Usually, by January, there’s enough snow to cover up all of the trash, making this lot a strangely serene place for a dog-walk. This year, it’s been unusually warm so the melting snow revealed this little gem. When I showed this photo to Sam, he said, “Eeeugh, that makes me really uncomfortable, for some reason…“.


One thought on “WEEK 1: the 2015 project

  1. Karen says:

    Looking fwd to wkly entry/updates:)! &Yes! The doll looks like it might’ve been creepy even before it had its face became 1/2 buried in snow…Chuckie’s cousin? Maybe that’s why it was in the trash?:)

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