The Art Room


Welcome! Here, folks of all ages enjoy drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed-media classes in a creative, nurturing environment. (We make sure to sneak in the basics of visual art, visual culture, and art history, too!)


VACATION NOTICE: The Art Room will be CLOSED May 19 – June 12 for R&R. 


Art is for everyone! 

Art helps young children nurture their innate creativity and develop fine motor skills. In older children, art builds self confidence and problem-solving skills. For adults, art classes offer a rare opportunity for creative self-expression and relief from stress.



How do I sign up for classes?

First, click over to The Art Room: For Kids or The Art Room: For Adults to see our upcoming offerings. Then, email us to let us know which class (or classes!) you and your child are interested in taking. Classes will be advertised up to three weeks in advance. In your email, also be sure to include (if applicable): 1.) your child’s name; 2.) your child’s age; 3.) your name; and 4.) your contact info.

Do I need to sign up for a class in order to attend it?

Yup. Attendance rosters help us prepare for our classes. If you haven’t signed up, we won’t have enough prepped materials for you to join the class. (And it’s not fair to take materials away from others.) Please plan ahead, and send us an email at least 24 hours before class begins. Thanks!

If you’ve purchased a 6- or 12-class package, you can take six or twelve consecutive classes, or you may pick and choose which classes to take. Just let us know which option you prefer, and (if non-consecutive) which classes you plan to attend!

What’s the weekly schedule?

We’re still figuring out the best possible schedule, but you can see the current schedule below. (Have a suggestion for another class time? Email us! We love being flexible!)THE ART ROOM Weekly Schedule

How much do classes cost?

Prices below include all art materials—plus set-up and clean-up (all the fun without the mess!)—and a small snack. Bring a buddy or a sibling, and your combined total is only $240 for six classes! Plus, ALL students get a FREE class after attending 12 classes.

  • Your first class (“Trial Class”) is only $15 or 1,500 KES per student!
  • 18 – 30 month olds: $10 or 1,000 KES per class
  • Drop-in Class: $25 or 2,500 KES per class
  • Sip & Splatter: $25 or 2,500 KES per class
  • 6-Class Package: $135 ($22.50 or 2,250 KES per class)
  • 12-Class Package: $240 ($20 or 2,000 KES per class)
  • Private Classes: $25 or 2,500 KES for a one-hour session
  • Birthday Parties, Scouting Events, etc.: decided on a case-by-case basis

NOTE: Beginning March 7, 2018, our Sip & Splatter classes will no longer include wine as part of the package—not because we don’t want you sipping while you splatter, but because we want YOU to choose WHAT you sip while you splatter! The Watering Hole has much better selection (and service) than we do. Plus, you’ll save a few bucks on the total price of the class.

What if I can’t attend a class that I’ve signed up for?

Email us at least 24 hours in advance at You’ll get two no-shows before being penalized (i.e. losing a class). Remember, creating good art (and creating good art classes) requires lots of preparation!

How do I pay for classes?

  • Cash (USD or Kenyan Shillings) is always accepted.
  • Want to pay using M-PESA? Use the phone number 0743 145 234 to make your payment. Please be sure to send an email to to let us know that we should expect your payment.
  • You may also pay using PayPal. Use the email address ‘’ to make your payment.

Tell me a little bit more about…

18 – 30 month old classes are all about process and discovery. We won’t be creating masterpieces… instead, we’ll be building the foundation for future master works.

2.5 – 4 year old classes are experimental and sensory-based in nature. We’ll focus on developing fine-motor skills, experimenting with various materials, and color-mixing.

5 – 8 year old classes are multi-media classes with a focus on the seven elements of art: line, shape, form, value, texture, color, and space.

9 – 12 year old classes are multi-media classes that feature an intro to art history, and focus on foundational fine-arts techniques & concepts (drawing, painting, etc.)

Sip & Splatter classes allow you to sip your beverage of choice while creating re-purposed objects, designing stationery & holiday cards, learning the art of printmaking, etc. Expect a variety of multi-session classes that give participants an in-depth art experience.

Can I take more than one class each week?

Sure, if you don’t mind doing the same project more than once! As an example: we offer three classes for 2.5 – 4 year olds each week, but we’ll do the same project in all of them. If you can’t get enough of The Art Room, email us to schedule additional private classes!

That’ll wash out, right?

We’ll provide painting shirts upon request, but your kids (and you!) will be more comfortable in something of your own that you don’t mind getting a little paint (etc.) on.

Can I schedule private classes or events?

You bet! If you aren’t able to attend any of our pre-scheduled classes, or would like to host a private art event at your home, email The Art Room at


Need more info? Send us a note:




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