This website wears many hats. In Home, readers will find my latest writing and photography meant to capture the ups and downs of life in the Foreign Service. The Art Room is an art project of a different kind: I’ve started a home-based art-teaching business for kids of all ages (yup, that means grown-ups, too). There you’ll find a schedule of upcoming classes, prices, and more. In Catalog of Work, you can view my latest collage pieces.


Want to know a little more about me? Read on:

I’ve always been an artist. My relationship with art has been in turns dysfunctional, tenuous,
and ardent; my midwestern upbringing (and midwestern practicality) kept me from pursuing a life as a “true” artist. But I’ve come to realize that being an artist can be as subtle as seeking out objects and places that hold beauty and meaning.

On my third date with my (now) husband, he told me that he planned to work overseas someday. Would I be interested in joining him? You bet. 

We left American in late May, 2013, and spent four years in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Much of this blog is dedicated, so far, to that experience. In September, 2017, we moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where we will shape the next four years of our lives.

On this blog I promise to bring light and humor to the unusual or difficult circumstances of daily life in unusual or difficult places. But ultimately, my goal is to record and share my search for beauty and meaning … wherever I call home.


Sarah Kraegel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, and a Master’s degree in Museum Education and Exhibition Development. She has been working in arts education and cultural programming for twelve years—which includes developing and leading museum education programs and a wide variety of arts programs for both children and adults.

Sarah lives in Nairobi, Kenya, with her husband, son, dog, and cat. When she grows up, she hopes to become a children’s picture book illustrator.



One thought on “About

  1. Ilona says:

    Your stories & pictures…. what a pleasure and a feast of recognition, having arrived in the beginning of 2014 in Almaty.
    Most interested getting some more tips and tricks about living in Almaty. Time for a coffee or/and a walk?
    Kind regards,

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