THE ART ROOM: Parent Portraits, Inspired by Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani is known for his portraits of somber subjects with elongated features. Our
5 – 8 year olds mimicked Modigliani’s style to create (colorful!) portraits of one of their parents.

IMG_5977 (1)


THE ART ROOM: Saran Wrap Painting + Printing

Our 2.5 – 4 year olds made their printing plates (on illustration board) by smooshing, twisting, and smearing paint under saran wrap. After adding some final touches to the plates with the back of a spoon, we flipped them over and printed them on a large piece of paper. The stunning results surprised all of us!



THE ART ROOM: Pendulum Painting

One of our most fun (and messiest!) projects yet, pendulum painting was a half-art, half-physics experiment. After we determined the appropriate water-to-paint ratio for successful dripping, we let ‘er rip! And, even though we were focused mostly on the process, the results were beautiful.





THE ART ROOM: Salt Dough Houses

Our 9 – 12 year old students made these impressive salt dough houses in-relief (a sculptural technique where raised elements remain attached to a background of the same material). After sculpting and baking, students used an acrylic wash to paint their houses, which helped emphasize textural elements.